New Mexico Land Commissioner

Employer / Organization

New Mexico

Next Election

Nov 08, 2022

Filing Window

Mar 08, 2022 - Jun 30, 2022


The New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands is an elected constitutional state executive officer in the New Mexico state government. The commissioner leads the New Mexico State Land Office, which is responsible for administering nine million acres of surface and 13 million acres of subsurface land for the beneficiaries of the New Mexico State Land Trust. The office seeks to optimize revenues while protecting the health of the land. Commissioners are selected in midterm election years and can serve up to two consecutive four-year terms in the position. The land commissioner is responsible for generating and maximizing revenue from state land trusts while concurrently protecting, conserving and maintaining the lands for use by future generations. The money generated is used to support public education and other beneficiary institutions.These revenues are generated by the land commissioner by leasing lands for grazing, agriculture, commercial use, oil and gas drilling, mining and other activities. The salary for this position is $106,050/year.

Application Guidelines
To file for this position follow these three steps: 1) Contact the New Mexico Secretary of State Division of Elections to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and that you meet other office specific qualifications. Obtain the correct candidacy filing paperwork. 2) Complete the required candidacy paperwork including: a declaration of candidacy, nominating petitions if you are running as an independent and the appropriate campaign finance forms. File these papers with the appropriate filing officer. If you plan to run as a partisan candidate please contact your local party office. 3) Submit the filing paperwork with the stipulated amount of signatures to the New Mexico Secretary of State Division of Elections. The amount of signatures varies by office. The filing day for statewide and U.S. representative major party candidates (Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican) is the first Tuesday in February. The filing day for independent candidates is the 23rd day after the primary election. The New Mexico primary election is held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June. The New Mexico Secretary of State Division of Elections, which serves as the point of contact for any questions or concerns, can be reached at (505) 827-3600.

Submit application to:
New Mexico Secretary of State, New Mexico Capitol Annex North, Santa Fe, NM, 87501, US